Holy Sepulcher Travel is a US-based pilgrimage company, owned and operated by Christians from the village of Beit Sahour in the Holy Land. Beit Sahour is adjacent to the town of Bethlehem and is best known for being the place where the shepherds were told of the birth of Christ by the angels.
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Nazareth and Cana

11 Aug

Nazareth and Cana

While Christ was born in Bethlehem, all but three years of his life were spent in the city of Nazareth in the lower Galilee. It is in the nearby city of Cana that Christ performed his first miracle (known as the Wedding of Cana), and from Nazareth that Christ set out to other parts of the Holy Land to begin his ministry and perform miracles. Today, the city of Nazareth marks an important place on the pilgrimage trail, and is also home to the largest church in the Middle East, the Basilica of the Annunciation, which is built over the structure held to be the home of the Holy Family.


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